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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bravo: Jackson's Will is to be filled!

The mother of Michael Jackson will retain custody of his children, and the biological mother of the two elder children will visit and maintain her legal parental rights under an agreement reached by both sides,but news about the autospy will be released who knows when. Maybe that will affect the case about Jackson's children.

The agreement will go before a Los Angeles judge Monday, and both sides expect the judge to approve it, the source said. Rowe did not ask for custody? She gave up her parental right in 2001, but later challenged that hearing in 2003; while Michael faced child molestation charges.. “Debbie is really happy” about the arrangement, said the source, refusing to be identified because the agreement has yet to be announced.

So Jack can sleep well for this night.

Hope they just end up letting him rest in peace!


  1. I know that they say MJ was broke when he died, but you have to remember that Elvis Presley made more money aftter he died than when he was alive. He still makes something like $20 million a year. I don't think it will be any different with MJ.

  2. His Family is in no trouble.

  3. MJ..never new how much money have..I remember when he was in Romania..he ask someone from his stuf couse he liked so much one of the houses of Ceausescu.." do we have money to buy this house?"

    smiles..he never care too much to know how much money had..and all the time he was an naive, kind, a kid and an angel inside and outside..
    many peopel steal money from him..on peapers..also till today..:(
    I dont know ..why dont let him to rest in peace even now..Shame on them..and to all who talk bad things about him..
    I never trusted in them..I trust in his music., in his smile..couse he love verry much indeed his fans..and if one of the bad people will listen just one song of matter wich one..they will find the Michael truth..
    All the sadness he his life..about the missing of the love from his parents..he explained verry clear in each song of him..It is a great man, an artist,a genius..and like this willbe forever. Im glad that he bring such a joy in my life..that I know him..R.I.P.
    I will never forget U..couse you are here in each night..shining up on the sky..
    sorry for my bad english..


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