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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Neverland or Again -land?

Michael Jackson swore he'd never go back to Never-land yet his family want to bury him there.

We've also heard rumors he wanted to be buried there ,but what happened?

Well it seems that:

On the few occasions she has inadvertently given them the slip, discreet calls have been made to inform the photographers of Miss Jackson's presence in such places as her new favorite celebrity hang-out, the ritzy Madeo restaurant in West Hollywood.

Throughout, the surgically enhanced La Toya has worn the sort of mask of inscrutability that can be achieved only through a couple of decades worth of face-lifts and several gallons of muscle-numbing Botox.

But after years of dire money troubles and a lengthy stretch doing time in the showbusiness wilderness, it is impossible to miss the sparkle in her eyes that says: 'It's so good to be back.'

Certainly, things are once again looking up for the 53-year- old La Toya. She has a record out next week, hastily released to make the most of the mania for all things Jackson since the death of her brother last month. She is also hard at work creating her new website.

Meanwhile, she and her siblings are about to put pen to paper on a reported £10 million deal to appear in a Jackson family reality show for U.S. cable broadcaster A&E.

Preparations for the eight remaining brothers and sisters from the musical clan to appear in a lucrative concert in London to mark what would have been Jackson's 51st birthday next month are also at an advanced stage.

At the same time, their father Joe is in the process of negotiating contracts, said to be worth in excess of £60 million, to reform the Jackson 5 for a world tour next year.
Michael Jackson's Neverland

Money-spinner: Neverland could reopen as a memorial to Michael Jackson

Certainly, the sums on offer are all very mouthwatering, of course, particularly as La Toya, for one, was forced into bankruptcy less than ten years ago.

But impressive though they undoubtedly are, the vast figures are merely the tip of the financial iceberg for Miss Jackson and her family.

The lucrative deals are coming so thick and fast, it is barely possible to keep up.

Michael's production company, MJJ, has even granted permission for a Michael-Jackson-themed computer game to be on the shelves in time for Christmas.

As a result, considerable sums - estimated already to be in excess of £3 million - have been flowing into the shadowy Jackson Family Trust, which is now ultimately controlled by Michael's mother Katherine.

All the deal of the Never-land burial is just a scheme for money guys!


No Way?

Well it's obvious,huh?

It's a good thing MJ's dead so he won't see all this money business.

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