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Monday, July 27, 2009

Drugs found

Dr. Conrad Murray has confessed to keeping a hoard of drugs hidden in a closet at Michael Jackson's home.

Original searches of Jackson's home by the LAPD (the night that Jackson died) did not turn up many of the drugs that have not been found (including a strong anesthesia drug called Propofol).

After speaking again with Murray after Jackson died the LAPD was able to follow up with an additional search warrant based on the information that Murray supplied. The additional drugs were found concealed in a cloest of the guest room in Jackson's home where Murray had been staying. Law enforcement officials say that there is no question that the drugs were intentionally hidden.

Propofol, one of the drugs found, is what authorities believe ultimately killed Jackson.

So what it murder, or just feeding a devastating addiction?

The World may never know!

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